Upcoming Video Opportunities

Canadian DIstrict Training Conference

Canadian district training directors and coordinators will be discussing diversity projects, plans and upcoming events in each council.

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Supporting Women in the Trades

June 17th-18th in Vancouver, B.C.,  Canada

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Ontario Annual Provincial Apprenticeship Contest

Hosted by the Carpenters Local 1256 in Sarnia, Ontario.

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Our Vision

A 2 part project:

  1. To produce a stand alone documentary discussing diversity in the UBC and to promote diversity within the trades.
  2. Course development that works with the documentary and will serve as the vehicle that drives local 785 members through an online course that will break down barriers and help them understand diversity.
Local 785 Union hall - rainbow morning

Contact Us.

If you have a diversity story, good or bad,  about your experience in the UBC, please contact us and share.